Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Miss Litter Wallpaper!

Okay, are you ready? Big announcement: Miss Litter and Dig Litter wallpapers! Yes that's right! Over the week, my human was away a lot - enough for me to take online photoshop training with (Lynda is cool. Big plug.)

So I put together some fun desktops. I admit that I designed Cooper's wallpapers... but HE made up his own slogans. So blame him for their lack of taste.

Go back through the rest of our sites, and you'll see I swapped out many of the old pictures for new wallpapers. Every one is unique and hand crafted and totally free. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Moxie, I saw your wallpaper on my mom's computer. I'm Lucky Charm, and being a lab, I'm usually into sports. Love those tennis balls! But your wallpaper inspired me to explore my creative side. Last night I howled at the moon, but I was not appreciated for it. I guess you are the true rock star of the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Moxie: Thank God your human was away and you were able to get down and be creative. I'm very envious of your work-- it's jaw-dropping. I'm still pissed off that my human bought a new flat screen monitor and I can no longer lay on top. I must learn to take control of the situation. You are an inpiration to us all-- Julie Fisher's cat, Bix

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! I agree about I wish I could design such fun wallpapers. My design work always turns out so amateurish. Keep the free stuff coming!