Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Typography, Typography Everywhere!

Cursed me. I work so hard on these wallpapers and they never turn out right. Wish to be-jeezes I could design something as good as the humans. All I end up with is jazz record-cover derivatives. Am I inspirationless? Is it the quality of air near the floor? Must find myself a muse.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ask A Feline: Three's Companion

My second fan question!

J. Tripper writes:
"I live with two women and things keep getting confused. One of them always mishears something and thinks I'm getting it on with the other one, and the irony is, I've been in a dry spell ever since I started working The Regal Beagle down the street. What I've always wanted was to sneakily put my arms around them both at the end of an amusing night and they stick around and snuggle instead of wiggling out of my grip. Any suggestions?"

Moxie answers: Sounds to me like you've got only one problem, Tripper. You spend too much time watching reruns. Have you tried talking to your roomates and asking for what you want?