Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kennedy & Coffee

Life is so unfair. I live in a prison where I can only smell coffee and only imagine Kennedy performing live.

Perre left for Urth Caffé just now. And what do I do but sit and wait? Sit and wait, while he runs around like he enjoys life. Maddening. I've never even been to Urth. The farthest I get out is to see the vets and although that sounds like a great punk band, "The Vets" is nothing but a steel table in a temporary holding cell for those of us least able to defend ourselves. Geneva Convention need not apply. Masked humans probe and prod, but they never get any information out of me. They don't even ask. I don't see the point. Anyway, back to my main complaint:

The kicker? Tonight, my human's getting a bunch of friends together to see Kennedy perform live. LIVE. I LOVE KENNEDY, and I never get to see him. Unfair.

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