Monday, July 03, 2006

No Middle Earth?

My three fans wrote in over the weekend to ask if I am a pirate or a ninja?

Survey says: a pirate, because a ninja knows if she's a ninja, and if I don't know then I'm certainly not a ninja. But isn't that strange: if you're not one, you must be the other? There must be more to the political arena than ninjas and pirates. True, I tend to favour universal healthcare and wild, youthful promiscuity, but I'm also conservative with spending and think promiscuity should be done in the privacy of your homes and not flaunted about in the streets like it's commonplace.

True, "the streets" are a bit unfamiliar to me, but my fantasy life more than compensates.

But to the point: Pirate vs Ninja? Isn't that a little too simple? Isn't there a middle ground between these two extremes? Like Wisconsin or Minnesota?


Anonymous said...

Power to the Pirates!

Actually, I was once torn, as you are, about what I am. I used to do Martial arts and kickboxing, and wear a lot of black, but then I realized I love the ocean, and maps (which my pirate friend William says is a sure sign that I'm a pirate). I say, why let *anyone* put you in a category? make up your own category! Your own rules!

cooper said...

You're a pirate and you know it Moxie!