Saturday, July 05, 2008

Los Angeles Thunderstorms

You don't hear thunder much in LA. That is a good thing. It is the way Chaos intended it.

All yesterday, the neighborhood smelled like barbecue and sounded like football. I'm a heavy lapsitter but last night with the flashing and thunder... Every few seconds: thunder, and every thunder: I made a break for it, and every time I made for the door, I got caught. That's a lot of breaks for it. And a lot of getting caughts. I'm glad independence day comes only once a year because you can only take so much freedom on the patio.

Other than that, nothing changed from the day before. I like my pace. It's comforting. But it gets tiring thinking of stuff to say. Napping is the next-best-thing to staying awake.


Anonymous said...

Your wallpaper is silly Moxie. Each day when I see it I can't help but think about your story and smile...

Anonymous said...

You like barbeque and football? That's my kind of cat.